Tourism In Fredericksburg VA – What Are Some Major Attractions?

What sticks out to me the most is all the history that is in Fredericksburg VA. It is a tourism hotspot for historical attractions, particularly in connection with the Civil War. Its history predates the mid 1800’s for sure, however, and you’re going to like the rustic charm that this Commonwealth city brings to your vacation. It’s a unique city to travel, and these places to visit might interest you.

I mean when have you ever had the chance to visit an apothecary shop? I feel like it is a place I could stop and shop for hours. Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but it certainly would be interesting. When you stop in Fredericksburg to spend some time, you might want to visit Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop. When will you ever get to see medical history from colonial times on display again?

The Fredericksburg Area Museum would be a nice place to visit to get to know the area in general a little better. This jewel of Fredericksburg is on Princess Anne Street, and that might tell you that the location is ideal, too. When you’re over in this area of the city, you’ve got the Market Square and other places to visit as well.

You can’t go too far in Fredericksburg without finding another interesting place to visit. If you just want to unwind with the family, Old Mill Park would be a nice place to go. Old Mill Park is on Caroline Street, and it’s great for family fun. You can reserve a shelter or pavilion if you are planning a special event, too. What’s even better is you are right on the river.

The Motts Run River Reservoir would also be a neat place to explore. If you don’t take a picnic to Old Mill Park, you might want to take one to Motts Run River Reservoir. It’s right on the river as you might have guessed. People talk about how it’s great to go fishing there. You can enjoy all kinds of activities at this park.

While I didn’t completely focus on historical attractions, you likely gather that Fredericksburg is known for them. Of course, there are other great things to do in the city as well. You are going to enjoy discovering what all Fredericksburg has to offer you and your family. Tourism is big in Fredericksburg VA, and you and yours are going to enjoy a nice vacation.